About Us


To make (an element in a video game) more powerful.
When something boosts your powers or status in a game, you talk about getting 'buffed' or acquiring a 'buff'.
"there are cards that'll buff your health and damage"



We are laptop warriors, game players, hustlers, overthinking, overdoing creatives with A LOT going on.

Our vision is to help you in your journey whether you are neurotypical looking for the best way to boost your brain or anywhere on your path of brain alignment and enlightenment.

Buffed Nutrition happened because I am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned about nutrition and supplement hacks that can make your brain work so much better!

We want to build a community where we help buff each other.
News, facts and hacks

And some of the best products to help us along the way.

Who am I?

I am a neurodivergent, ADHD AF, Brighton-based American woman.

My struggles with ADHD started in childhood, but were not treated until my 20’s. I've been diagnosed both in US and UK and medicated (also NOT medicated) in both. SO I'm familiar with the systems, but I also use every free available resource at my disposal, because once you figure out how to make your brain work better, you don't really want to settle for less.